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Kristin Chenoweth, This One's Personal

Kristin did this benefit on April 12th and I was lucky enough to attend :)
Here's a snippet of what I thought about the concert and the song lists. If you want to read more you can check out my livejournal. I also got to meet Kristin and took a picture with her, she was so nice, and again more about that on my own journal page.

When I was watching Kristin up on stage there were times where I almost convinced myself that I watching some really high quality bootleg or something, because my mind couldn’t reconcile the fact that Kristin Chenoweth was merely yards away. The sound however was something that could not be replicated by any recorder and had to be experienced live. There was one point during the show that I was just so caught up in what was going on that I just continued sort of staring after the song was over, people were clapping all around me but it was like I had tuned out everything except for her voice. Then after a few moments I realized what the clapping meant. It was such a weird sensation, you know when you’re daydreaming and you can sort of hear what’s happening around you but you tune it out because it doesn’t matter in your dream world, well this was exact like that. I could hear the clapping but it didn’t really register until I snapped out of it and realized that hey, Kristin’s not singing anymore, I’m at live performance and I’m supposed to be clapping too. I wish I could remember what song she had been singing at the time . . . it completely captivated me.

One of my favorite moments was when Kristin decided that she was going to raise some more money for ACD by serenading the highest bidder. I couldn’t see the man that was bidding against someone Kristin called Mary but he ended up winning ($2,000) and when he went up onto the stage I saw it was Aaron Sorkin. I whispered to my mom that he and Kristin had dated while Kristin led Aaron to a stool. His eyes didn’t leave her the entire time she sang “Bill” to him (she substituted the name Aaron when called for). During one part of it Kristin leaned up against him and it looked like it was taking all of his willpower not to kiss the side of her face or nibble her ear. Then when it was over and Aaron left the stage Kristin said something like “that was so fun, I wish I would have done a different song now, ‘If’. No”. I think that remark was the thing I laughed the hardest at all night.

The entire concert was just great. She sung a song called “Boy” (I think that was title) that I really liked a lot. She said was given to her by her record label and she hoped to maybe record it on the album. She ended up doing two encores, “Glitter and Be Gay” during which I was so amazed at how effortlessly she hit those high notes. She really was in top vocal form and a couple of the people I met there commented that it was the best they had ever seen her in concert. At the top of the show she mentioned she hadn’t sung in a while so this was her crack, and listening to her and the entire event was definitely my crack last night.

After she sang ‘Til there was you’ she said goodnight to emphasis there would be no more encores, I don’t think she had planned on doing two in the first place because it took a few moments for Andrew and Kristin to get on the same page about the key (B-flat?) of the second one. Oh and before I forget, when NiCole was on-stage introducing Kristin, she said that Kristin turned down an Oprah to be there. And later Kristin commented that it was easy to turn down because it was the Vagina Monologues and not to get her wrong, she loves it, she just doesn’t want to talk about it. Then she did this hilarious impression “My Va-jay-jay is strong! My vagina has seen it all!” then she said something like “I don’t care. Keep it to yourself and shut your legs!”

Here are the songs she sang in order:

1. Art is Calling for Me
2. The Boy Next Door
3. I Like Him
4. Boy
5. The Girl in 14G
6. Bill (sung to Aaron)
7. Why Was I Born
8. Nobody Else But Me
9. Daddy (she went out in the audience for this song)
10. Taylor the Latte Boy
11. For Good
Encore #1. Glitter and be Gay
Happy Birthday to You (it was NiCole’s birthday)
Encore #2. ‘Til There Was You

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