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68 random icons!

2: Random Disney Princess
11: "Jasmine the Matchmaker" Book
1: "Groovin with Ken"
3: Michael Jackson
12: "Bad Romance" from Glee
2: Random Glee
1: Kristen Chenowith
1: Sokka (from cartoon)
15: "The Last Airbender" Movie
21: Up Book


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Fic: Loss (The West Wing, PG)

Title: Loss
Author: Linn
Character/pairing: Annabeth, Leo, Josh.
Fandom: The West Wing
Rating: PG
Word Count: 700
Spoiler: Is there such a thing when the show has been over for four years?
Disclaimer: Don’t own them.
Author's Note: Hints of established-Leo/Annabeth, and I didn’t write the name of the person with her, because I assume his identity becomes clear as you read it. Also, I've never written anything "The West Wing" related before, so this is probably pretty sucky compared to what you're used to.
Summary: “She let her head fall down and sobbed openly. He took hold of her hand, wrapping it in his and took deep breaths as he listened to her cry.”

( Annabeth forced a smile at the Secret Service man guarding Leo’s room. )
Don't Tell Chuck
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Kristin and Howard Stern

My friend just called me to let me know that Kristin called into The Howard Stern Show and professed to being a closeted super fan and would like to be on his show. I didn't hear the interview myself yet but my friend said that she was joking around with Stern and guest Jeff Probst about being her at home in her jacuzzi waiting for Probst LOL. I didn't get too many details because he had to leave for work but had to call me when he heard her on it (especially since I recently told him that I didn't like Howard Stern). So basically he called to say "ha ha, Cheno likes Howard Stern". Has anyone else heard about this? or better yet heard the actual interview?